Don’t have camping gear or don’t want to deal with setting up camp? Flying to Jomeokee and don’t want to pay the extra baggage charges for your gear. Want to bring the family to Jomeokee but the thought of setting up camp chasing around the little ones has you a little uneasy? Have no fear The Show Sherpa is here.

The Show Sherpa specializes in providing on-site tent and gear rentals at music festivals across the country. The Show Sherpa brings all the gear so you don’t have to. Stay in The Show Sherpa’s on-site tent hotel, The Sherpa Village, outfitted with Eureka’s best recreational camping equipment including tents with almost 7 feet of headroom, Eureka’s super comfy camping cots not to mention all the Sherpa Village amenities. From set-up to take down and everything in between, The Show Sherpa handles it all. Your only worry is what music to see and which beers to drink.  The Show Sherpa offers two, three and four person as well as family packages, all at affordable rates. Have a good show with The Show Sherpa and rent your tent today before they fill up!

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