Gate Times

Thursday Sept. 13th           VIP ONLY                    2pm – 9pm

Friday Sept. 14th           General Admission           9am – 12am

Saturday Sept. 15th      General Admission           9am – 12am

Sunday Sept. 16th         General Admission           9am – 2pm


Are tickets transferable?

Looking to sell your ticket?   Tickets are transferable only if  the original ticket purchaser changes the name on the ticket through Eventbrite.com.  The name on the ticket must match the ID presented at the door or the ticket will be invalid.

Click HERE to view a tutorial on how to transfer your  ticket to another persons name.

For any questions or concerns regarding transferring tickets please email us at:   info@jomeokeefest.com


Port-o-lets will be available throughout camping areas and festival grounds.  No showers will be  available to General Admission ticket holders.  Potable water filling stations  WILL be available in designated areas.

Designated hand washing stations will be available near bathrooms.

VIP ticket holders will have access to private bathrooms and shower house.


On-site festival info

 Still need answers?  There will be an on-site information booth with answers to any questions you may have.  Or ask one of the volunteers stationed near the entrance. Post-festival, email info@jomeokeefest.com

Disability Access & Accommodations

There will be an ADA camping/parking area. Also, there will be a disability accessible viewing area.


Cell phone charging station

A cell phone charging station will be available at the info booth on a limited basis.



Need some extra cash?  There will be an ATM on-site.


Lost children

In the event of a lost child, immediately notify on-site security or any festival staff.


Lost and found

There will be a lost and found located at the Info Booth.  Valuables not claimed during the festival will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity. Jomeokee will not be held liable for any unclaimed items.


Safety & Medical

There will be 2 medical tents located on the festival grounds.  Medical personnel will available 24 hours a day throughout the festival.

Accidents and battles with nature do happen, that’s why Jomeokee Fest has licensed medical professionals on staff throughout the weekend. In an emergency, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest security personnel.  Tip:  If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency, assume it is and get help right away.

What to Bring / What Not to Bring


  • Camping gear (tent, tarp, pop-ups, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Rain protection (Rain boots, rain coat, umbrella – to decrease chances of rain!)
  • Extra shoes/sneakers
  • Bug repellent (DEET free – be green!)
  • Sun protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bandana
  • Aluminum or stainless steel water bottle
  • Biodegradable plastic bags for trash
  • Extra toilet paper (just in case)
  • Lantern/flashlight/headlamp with extra batteries
  • Camera WITHOUT a detachable lens
  • Extra set of car keys
  • Blanket for sitting on
  • Costumes/ Face paint
  • Good Attitude!


  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal substances
  • Bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles
  • Professional photography equipment or cameras with detachable lenses (point-and-shoots without additional lenses are fine)
  • Pets (That includes dogs/birds/flying squirrels. Please make arrangements for their well-being prior to coming to the festival)
  • Air horns
  • Vending